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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RT/WW - Smiling Nikki

Wordless Wednesday

That's my niece, Nikki.  Smiling for the camera before supper.

Sport Marketing: Key To Success

As the Olympic games near, athletes and national teams rush to get sponsors for their respective sport disciplines. This is where sport marketing comes in. With an huge international viewership, companies also vie to get athletes and teams to endorse their products. Take the case of one of the more popular national teams, Canada. Their sports development is a partnership between the private sector and their national sports associations. This enables their athletes to concentrate and improve their athletic skills. This leads to medal hauls in all their international sports performances. Funding is the key to sports. Without these sponsors, athletes will never get the exposures to improve themselves.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beauty Secret (3)

Did you know that your hair becomes weak when it's wet?  So never rub your hair dry with a towel to avoid damaging your locks.  What you should do instead is to blot the wetness out with a towel and fluff it with your fingers.

I found cute coffee tables too!

Since I cannot find the coffee tables that I want for my lanai in the local shops, I thought I'd try online.  In my previous article,   I told you about the cute and unique coffee tables from my favorite coffee shop.  The owner of the shop refurbished and decorated all the tables from her old restaurant with colorful playing marbles.  I wanted to try it too but I just don't have the time to do the intricate artwork.   I tried searching online hoping that I would find something similar.  I guess I got lucky because it didn't take me a long time to find coffee tables that are as lovely.  They were not decorated with marbles though but sea shells.

Unique Coffee Tables

As a coffee lover, I have been to a lot of coffee shops already; here and abroad. I have tasted a lot of coffee and tried different kinds of flavor. I have also seen a lot of coffee tables and chairs but the most unique are from my favorite coffee shop that's near my place. The table tops are decorated with colorful playing marbles. And with those marbles, flowers were formed. I once asked the shop manager where they got the tables because I was hoping I could get one for my lanai. Unfortunately, they didn't buy the tables. They were tables from the owner's old restaurant and decorated them with marbles. How creative is that?

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Correct Way to Brush Teeth

You know that brushing your teeth regularly is your key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  Doing so will prevent not just gum diseases but stroke and heart problems as well.  Brushing your teeth is easy, but did you know that there is a proper way of brushing and that you should make sure to choose the right toothbrush for your teeth?

Brushing your teeth should be done at least twice a day; once in the morning and again in the evening before hitting the sack.  Don't rush it, do it for at least three minutes to ensure long-term dental health.  When choosing a brush, make sure that the bristles are not too hard and find one that fits comfortably in your hand and mouth.

To brush teeth effectively, follow these simple tips.  Take time to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth.  When brushing along gum line, angle the brush slightly toward the gums.  Use a gentle motion when brushing, doing it too roughly will strip teeth of enamel and may damage gums.  Brush your tongue to scrape off bacteria that can cause bad breath.  Replace toothbrush every three to four months.

Stocking Up On Coffee Tables

My friend who owns a couple of coffee shops fell in love with the design of the coffee tables she bought off the rack. She bought several more for future cafes she intends to put up. The success of her small cafe has enabled her to expand. She doesn't want a big place to maintain the ambiance and good service. A big outlet would be too commercialized. She's trying to avoid turning her cafe into a marketplace. As much as possible, she wants her place to be a more private cafe. People can read or meet a friend. This is the secret to the success of her business. Other cafes do not have waiters and waitresses. You order your food and drink over the counter which make it look like a fast food restaurant. She would prefer to giver her guests a more personal service. People leave satisfied and this makes them loyal patrons.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RT/WW - Craving for Pizza

Wordless Wednesday

He's now at Burnaby Condo

It's been a long time since I last talked with my cousin Thomas who resides in Canada.  I'm so glad there's Viber where we can talk for hours for free.  The last time I heard his voice was when he left in 2001.  Thomas is a law graduate but he never practiced law in Canada.  He became a teacher instead and is enjoying his job.  Just recently, he purchased a unit at Burnaby Condo.  That's his second investment since he left the country.  I've got an invite to visit him because he wanted me to see how did in the last 11 years.  My family and I might go by the end of the year after visiting my siblings in America.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A glass of carrot juice a day...

Are your nails weak?  Have a drink of fresh carrot juice daily.  Carrots won't only improve your eyesight; the orange veggie is packed with calcium and phosphorous that are great in strengthening nails.

My Coffee Tables Have Arrived

I recently ordered a couple of coffee tables for my house. My friends often come over for a few cups of espresso and my wonderful pies. I intend to put them in the porch. It's a good place to host friends for an afternoon get together. We regularly have these thrice a week.

We share stories, updates and tips. We're all mothers and a couple of us are already grannies. They love hearing stories about my twin granddaughters. Of course there's the usual mommy talk where we share our mothering experiences. These tables will surely witness the wonders of god friendships.

Motor Testing For Efficiency

Aside from the regular maintenance of my car, I also have motor testing done to ensure its efficiency. Changing the oil and having your car tuned up is not enough. We often forget that there are parts that get worn out. Gaskets and belts needs to be checked regularly and if need be, changed at the soonest possible time. I refer to my owner's manual to see when these needs replacing. Other fluids like brake and transmission fluids needs replenishing and replacing too.

It's a good thing that my husband is there to always remind me of these things. It's hard to have your car stall on you in the middle of nowhere.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Bunch of Pretty Yellow Roses

Yellow means bright and cheerful so when my son's girlfriend was hospitalized last month because of Dengue fever, he brought her a bunch of pretty yellow roses.  Although a yellow rose is a symbol of friendship, the feeling of warmth and happiness it delivers will certainly put anyone in a bright mood.  I guess that's what made her recover from the illness faster.  Everyday that he visited her in the hospital, he brought a bunch of pretty yellow roses.  Sweet isn't it?

When he likes something...

When my son went home one time with JBL PA Speakers, I asked him where he got the money he used for buying them.  He said it was from his allowance that he saved for more than a year.  He must really love those speakers because I remember how he came home too often and told me that he walked from school instead of spending his transportation allowance.  I also noticed that he stopped buying finger boards from his cash gifts.  That's what I love about my son; when he really likes something and he knows it's way out of my budget, he would save up for it.

Be richer with infinite banking

If you will have the opportunity to make your money grow and become your own banker, would you do it?  The answer would definitely be a yes.  After all, who doesn't want a bigger income?  That concept is know as infinite banking.  It is when you allow yourself to borrow money from your own whole life insurance policy.  You sometimes need money to fund the house repair or when you need to buy a new car; and sometimes, you just don't know where to get the dough.  That's when infinite banking comes in.  Instead of borrowing from financial institutions, you lend yourself money using the cash values of your whole life policy. 

You set the loan amount and the interest rate, as well as the payment schedule. Approval can be done right away and there are no documents to process.  You are making money from your own loan and you are allowing your insurance policy to grow bigger.  That is how marvelous infinite banking is.

Grow your money with Infinite Banking

Did you know that you can become your own bank by using your Whole Life insurance policy?  Yes, this is true and this concept has been used for years by a lot of people.  It was only when it was given the name infinite banking that it became very popular.  As soon as your whole life policy started earning cash values, you can make it grow by lending yourself money.  There comes a time when we need immediate cash and don;t know where to get it.  Instead of applying for a loan, you can actually lend yourself money from your insurance's cash value earnings.  You pay back the loan with interests which is added up to your principal amount.  You are making your money grow with interests that you would have given to loan companies if you borrowed money from them.

What's Your True Love's Name?

Your True Love's Name Is Julie U.

Now you just have to find this person!

Something about Infinite Banking

If you are wondering what infinite banking is all about, allow me to share what I know about it.  Infinite banking is when you borrow from your own whole life insurance.  As your policy earn cash values over the years, you can borrow from it to pay for a car, house repair, or where ever you might need the money for.  An interest is also charged to you just like with other loans.  The interest then is added to your principal amount and is considered an earning.  In principle, infinite banking is becoming your own banker by lending money and earning interests.  Now that you know about infinite banking, would you still borrow money from banks?

Ever heard of infinite banking?

Did you know that you can use your whole life insurance to become your own bank?  Like a real lending company, you can borrow money from your own policy and let the principal amount grow through interests.  You borrow money from banks or lending companies, right?  You can stop doing that and make yourself richer instead when you take a loan from your own insurance policy.  But don't worry because you won't be touching the amount you are insured for.  You will only be borrowing from the cash values that your policy has earned.  Your money is safe and you are still covered even if you borrowed money from your policy.  That's infinite banking.

Infinite Banking Concept

Do you need money?  Instead of applying for a loan, why don't you try the infinite banking concept?  You'll earn a bigger profit from your whole like insurance if you take a loan from it because it earns interests.  Yes, you can actually borrow money from your own insurance policy and this concept has been done by a lot of people already.  The good thing with infinite banking is that you are still insured even if you have taken a loan, and the interests are all added up to your principal amount.  If you still don't believe me, go ahead and do some research.  You may even call your agent and ask about infinite banking.  Here, you are your own bank and instead of giving away the earnings to banks and loans companies; everything is added up to your policy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foods that dim your smile

If you are too concerned about whitening your teeth; blueberries, coffee, and red wine should be avoided. Although they deliver a lot of health benefits, they can stain the surfaces of teeth by extending into the outer porous enamel. If you can't avoid having them, experts advise to brush teeth right away or rinse with water after consuming them.  Toothpastes that contain whitening ingredients will not whiten stained teeth but they can still be used to prevent new stain from sticking.

Choosing the Best Webhosting Service

Did you know that if you type the keywords "Web Host" on Google alone you will get 193,000,000 search results?  If you are trying to find the best webhosting service, it will take you a very long time if you had to go through all the search results one by one. 

You can easily narrow down your search if you already know what you need.  It will be a great idea to ask someone who knows about web hosting or a web designer to know how much bandwidth you will be needing for your website.  He is most likely to advise getting a web host that offers a large bandwidth that can host unlimited websites if you plan to build two or more websites.

Once you know what you need, you can start looking for reviews.  There are many websites that offer reviews of the different web hosting companies and they usually feature the top ten companies.   You will get a comprehensive picture of what each web host company offers as well as the strengths and weaknesses so you can decide on what will best work for your website.  Feedback from the people who have already used the service is also provided.  Take some time to read them because the best persons to tell you about how great or bad a web host is are those who have experienced using the service.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For Dry Skin

If your your skin is looking dull and feeling dry even if you apply moisturizer, it could be that the water you use for bathing is too hot.  Protect skin by limiting shower time to 10 minutes and make sure water is not too hot.  Soaps can also make skin dry and strip skin of important oils so go for body washes; they are less irritating than deodorant bar soaps.

Huge Workplace

I visited my husband's new office. It's huge and that doesn't include the manufacturing plant behind the building. For easy communication, intercom systems were installed in both facilities. Every office and department has its own intercom. Every department has its own conference room and a small pantry. To relieve stress, a game room and a gym was also added. The plant operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The research and development division has its own floor. Only top level executives are allowed access to it. Strict security is vital to ensure that no leakage or theft will occur. I wasn't allowed to enter despite my husband being with me. The cafeteria is more like a hotel restaurant. A long buffet table filled with delicious foods sits in the center of the room. No wonder everyone who works there are happy and content. The management sure knows how to take care of their personnel. I think the only thing the place lacks is a spa. That would be great.

We had a fantastic lunch. I wish my husband would take me along more often. I wouldn't get bored in such a place. His office even has a bathroom and a small sleeping area. Hopefully he'd take me again. I really had a lot of fun.

Be Your Own Boss

A lot of people here or in any other parts of the world are choosing to buy franchises instead of opening a new business and starting from scratch.  That's because it is safer to invest your money on businesses that have already been established.  You need to start from the bottom if you will open a new business and do everything on your own.  You'll never have to do all these when you run a franchise.

Whether you choose to run a food franchise, real estate franchise, or any other business franchise; you are taking on a business that is already flourishing.  The chances of failing is very slim.  Just like when we shop; we naturally like to buy brands that we already trust; we like to eat in restaurants that we already know.  It's the same with franchising; the chances of getting good profits are higher because you are banking on something that people already trust.

So if you think, being employed is not for you; I would suggest you try out franchising.  You can be your own boss and still get all the support you need from the mother company in terms of marketing the products, promotions, customer relations, accounting and training the staff.  Should you encounter problems on running your branch, solutions are always on hand.  You can immediately call for technical support to help you with trouble shooting and the franchise chain will make sure assistance will be available immediately.

You own the business but you are not completely on your own because there are people to help you and give you advice on how you can effectively run your business and maximize your profit.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RT/WW - Red Leaf

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Ruby Tuesday!!!

Infinite Banking makes you rich

It was from a friend that I learned about infinite banking.  She needed money for the repair of their house and didn't know where to get it.  She was considering applying for a bank loan when she remembered what her insurance agent told her about banking on yourself.  She called the agent to explain to her further.  Infinite banking is borrowing your own money from the principal amount of your whole life insurance policy.  BY doing so, you are making the base amount grow through interests.  I really like the concept of infinite banking because you are making yourself richer.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Don't Pop it!

Stop popping your pimples.  It will only push the bacteria deeper into your skin, leading to redness, swelling and scarring.  I heard tea tree oil helps eliminate pimples fast.  Use it instead to prevent infections and scarring.

Infinite Banking

I have a whole life insurance and at the time I bought the policy, my agent explained that should I need cash in the future; I could easily borrow from it and pay it back with interest.  I didn't know that the process is called infinite banking.  It's when you are making your money grow through interests.  I have also heard about infinite banking but I thought it has something to do with banks.  It was only when I read a blog post about infinite banking that I was able to understand that the two are one and the same.   It's good that I learned something new and it's good that I know where to run should I need cash in the future.

Infinite Banking is better

Infinite banking is not a bank gimmick.  Infinite banking is allowing your whole life insurance policy grow through loan interests.  Only, it is only you who could borrow money from it.   There were times that we were short on cash and we applied for loans from lending companies.  With infinite banking,  you borrow from your policy; then you pay it back with interest.  The good thing here is the interest that is charged to you is added to your base amount.  In simpler terms you are your own bank and you are making your money grow bigger through interests.   Great, isn't it?

Infinite banking is not a bank gimmick

When I first heard about infinite banking, I thought it was just another bank gimmick.   It was only when hubs and I bought whole life insurance policies that I understood what it was.  The agent explained to us that we could borrow from our policies.  Should we need money in the future we could use it as a loan that we need to pay back with interest.   Well for me that's a great idea.  It's not like making a fool of myself by borrowing my own money and paying it back with interest.  It's just like banking and making your money grow.  Why would you make loan companies richer if you can make your money grow?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Make your nail polish last longer

Can't keep your nail polish on longer than a day?  Use a base coat.  It will not only prevent chipping.  It will also protect your nails from harsh chemicals in the  nail polish, which can cause nails to turn yellow.

Good garage, great advice

Taking out garage keepers liability insurance is important in order to protect the investment you have made in your enterprise.  It is important to protect yourself against the cost of unwanted legal action and to ensure your business can operate in the event of an unforeseen problem.

We are aware your business is your livelihood – and no doubt you’re aware that for some of your customers, their ability to keep on driving also allows them to work. Below are a few handy tire tips you could pass on to your customers to help them care for their car.

1. Encourage customers to check whether the air they’re adding to their tires at the gas station is contaminated with water which may corrode the insides of their tires. All they need to do is depress the small needle valve at the hose’s connection point with their finger – if their finger is wet, they may wish to move on to another air hose.
2. Get your customers to check for uneven wear on their tires. In the event the tires have been maintained at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, uneven wear indicates potential problems with brakes or shocks.
3. Replacing tires is important, but sometimes your customers won’t want brand new tires if they plan to sell their vehicle in less than 12 months. Keep quality second-hand tires handy for this very purpose.
Your business is more than just your source of income – it’s also providing a valuable service to your customers who appreciate the efforts you go to in order to keep them on the road. Having updated garage keepers liability insurance is important not only for you, but for your customers, too!

Furniture Retail Software Makes Selling Easier

My friend owns a furniture shop. With the hundreds of items on sale, selling them can be a handful. To aid the staff in servicing their customers, she bought a furniture retail software. The software lists all the furniture. It also lists all the details of every item. A customer merely tells a salesperson what he's looking for and the system will search for the item. It will also show you what section the item is located.

Selling furniture is made easier with this software. No need to hire too many staff. A customer relations desk and a few personnel can run the entire operation. Customers can easily find what they're looking for. A salesperson then shows them the item for a more thorough viewing and inspection. Buying and selling is only a click away.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Skin Smoother

Want smoother skin?  Nosh on yellow plums.  The fruit helps keep skin radiant because of its stores of antioxidant vitamins A and C.  Vitamin A helps boost skin cell production to ward off fine lines while Vitamin C helps build collagen to keep skin supple and elastic.  The plum beats aging too because of its phytochemicals that fight the oxidative stress that triggers premature aging.  Can't find fresh plums?  Don't worry because even the jams can help you have great skin.


My husband was able to get new investors for their company's expansion. With new funding, they can now continue constructing their new office and manufacturing plant. It's two thirds into its completion. Almost all the construction is finished. The heating and air conditioning system is being installed. The vents and air ducts are the most important components of the entire system. The installation of HVAC Filters will complete the system. Heating, cooling and even air filtration are integral to buildings and sensitive manufacturing plants. Certain products are susceptible to dust and temperature changes. This is for the manufacturing side of the plant operations.

The administrative offices also need air conditioning. The system will ensure the proper air circulation during office hours. During the winter months, heating can be easily employed. Employees and staff can work comfortably. It's so hard to function well when the heat is terrible or when the office environment is too cold.  More often, the employees become irritable and when you are working with a lot of people, creating a friendly and harmonious environment will result to efficiency. 

With this kind of environment, the Research and Development department which conducts testings can work efficiently. All works in both the offices and the plant will benefit from the air conditioning system. The sensitive computers and servers will be protected from overheating.

The expansion is almost over and after that hubs will be busy with the relaunching.  The bosses want a grand celebration for this and at the same time show their investors  that they have chosen well.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Calgary Home Exterior Renovation

When Mike and Irene needed a new roof they started asking around for the best roof service.  They checked the internet as well and looked at different products.  One name came up from the reviews they checked, Calgary Home Exterior Renovation.  After they have talked to the representative, they started with the repair right away.  The couple was impressed because the crew did an excellent job with their roof.  Irene is pleased that they kept her yard clean and not a single clutter was left.  The package was fairly priced too and the job was finished earlier than expected.  Check Calgary Home Exterior Renovation if you need something done in your home.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RT/WW - Mouth-Watering Cakes

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Improve skin in a breeze

If there is a gadget that will erase fine lines and wrinkles or zap stubborn pimples, will you still buy expensive creams that take time (or sometimes never!) before you can see results?  I won't.

Every woman and most men want to look younger these days; no wonder anti-aging creams can be found even in grocery stores.  Skin and beauty clinics are also everywhere.  A lot of people are getting too conscious of their looks because the skin is the first thing that people notice about you.  One doesn't have to ask how old are you because those creases can easily give away your age.  Teenagers also freak out with just a speck of acne on their faces.

While the true secrets to having great skin are exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, avoiding stress, staying away from the damaging sun, and proper skin care; not all of us have time for all these.  Most people find it easier to make do with creams and lotions.  But did you know that there are gadgets for removing fine lines and wrinkles and acne?

I discovered the acne light treatment while I was looking for ways to get rid of acne.  My son is too conscious of his acne but he didn't want the trips to the derma clinic.  If we can steer clear of creams, then why not?  The light therapy zaps acne and speeds up the healing process.  Breakouts are not a problem with my teenager anymore.

I'm more interested now with the Luxe.  I'd like to see if it would really help diminish my fine lines and wrinkles.  I will write an update soon.

Bank on Infinite Banking

Do you need money to finance your car?  Or do you need money to open up a small business?  Before you apply for a loan, stop and consider infinite banking; this concept allows you to use and roll your own money.  Instead of borrowing from the bank or finance companies; you borrow from your whole life insurance.  What's great about it is aside from getting fast access on your money and there are no approvals needed; your money earns interests as well.  The principal amount of your whole life policy gets bigger so you'll enjoy larger retirement benefits later on.  Why would you make other companies get richer when you can be the one getting rich?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Treat skin with extra care

The cold weather can be harsh on your skin so treat it with extra care.  Use lukewarm water when you wash your face because hot water can cause your skin to dry.  The warmth from the lukewarm water will help loosen sebum that clogs your pores.  Lather up a facial cleanser that is tough on dirt but gentle on skin.  Don't use soap because it contains ingredients that can be drying.  Soaps will also strip your skin of oils necessary to retain moisture.

Roll Your Money with Infinite Banking

As a policy holder of a whole life insurance, did you know that you can borrow up to 100 percent of the cash value of you insurance plan?  A lot of people have been doing that for quite some time now and it's known as infinite banking.  What's even greater is that you can borrow it at any time without having to worry on tax penalties.  However, like any other loans you will have to pay for the interest.  The good news is, the interest that is charged to you will be added to your principal so your money grows bigger.  It's just like being your own banker; you can loan from your own insurance and let it earn interest.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Protect Yourself from RFID Hackers

Do you know why it's easy for electronic thieves to steal your identity and even spend using your money without even getting hold of your passports or credit cards?  It's because of the RFID chips that are placed in passports and credit cards.  Thieves can easily scan them and get all the necessary info to steal from you.  To avoid this, you can use an rfid blocking wallet so they can't access your cards.  It's looks like a real wallet made of leather and although it doesn't hold much because there are only a few card slots, many people prefer to use this because it protects them from rfid hackers.

Your Money Grows with Infinite Banking

Do you ever wonder why some people get more than what they should with their retirement plans?  That's because they know how to roll their money.  Infinite banking allows them to become their own bankers. Instead of applying for a loan from lending companies when they are short on cash, they borrow from their whole term insurance.  Yes, that's possible and a lot of people have been doing that to make their principal bigger.  Aside from the dividends and the other earnings you get from your insurance, the interests it earns from the loan are also added.  That's the beauty of infinite banking.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RT/WW - Water Chestnut Juice

Wordless Wednesday

Sounds a little weird right?  I have tried this drink in Singapore.  I got too curious when I was told that it's water chestnut.  Well, it was good and very refreshing.  If you're a Filipino and you drink Gulaman (a gelatin drink), the taste is similar but this one is not very sweet.

Make Your Money Grow with Infinite Banking

One of the greatest benefits of infinite banking is you're making your money grow while using it at the same time.  There comes a time when a financial situation can't be avoided; but instead of borrowing from loan companies, infinite banking allows you to borrow your own money using your whole life insurance.  Like other personal loans, you still have to pay for it and the interest.  It's just like making your money roll and letting it grow big.  By the time you collect it after maturity, it might have been more than double.  My husband and I never borrowed again from loan companies ever since we discovered infinite banking.  Ask your agents to know more about making your money grow.

Infinite Banking will make you rich

Do infinite banking and become your own banker.  And how are you supposed to do that?  It's simple.  Instead of applying for loans from banks or loan companies when we are short of cash, borrow money from your whole life insurance.  You make banks and loan companies richer with the interest you pay for the loan; with infinite banking, the interest that is charged to you when you loan from your own account goes to you as well.  In principle, you are making your money grow and making yourself richer.  Be wiser when it comes to money; by the time you retire, you'll enjoy greater benefits with infinite banking.
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