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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RT|WW - Takoyaki

Wordless Wednesday

Takoyaki or octopus balls are a favorite here.

Slept Like a Baby

While at the mall yesterday to get Joey's rechargeable batteries, I happen to pass by the department store and browsed the items that are on sale.  I wanted to know if they have some bedding on sale because that's the only time I buy sheets and bed covers.  These items are too expensive that I wait for them to go on sale.  Anyway, I didn't find any and instead I ended up in the memory foam toppers section.  I saw a foam topper that molds to the body's contours so the neck, back, and shoulders can get proper support.  I didn't have any plans of buying but it was on sale and I'd really love one for my neck.  And you know what?  I slept really well last night.

I keep Forgetting

I'm glad I was finally able to buy Joey's aaa rechargeable batteries for his wireless headphone.  He kept on reminding me to buy them but with so many things in my mind, I kept forgetting.  I've been out a lot of times this week and I was at the mall several times but it was only yesterday that I got his batteries.  If he didn't text me, I would have forgotten them again.  Is it a sign of getting old?  I hope not. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chervil is antiaging

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Ever heard of chervil?  Apparently, this herb can ward off wrinkles.  It is rich in flavonoids and lignans, antioxidants with a proven ability to squelch the activity of free radicals that leads to premature skin aging.  Some studies also say that the herb can ease bloat.

Here's a yummy way to enjoy chervil.  In a food processor, soften an 8 oz. bar of cream cheese then add a tablespoon of chopped chervil and a tablespoon of lemon zest.  Spread on toasted bread or crackers.  You may also sprinkle it on scrambled eggs, deviled-egg salad or omelets.

He Got Everything from Cymax

Since wireless home theater systems have become a trend these days, my brother thought of setting up an audio and video room in his home.   His friends often come over to his house during weekends where they would have a few round of drinks and have fun with his old Karaaoke machine.  His whole family also loves to watch baseball and basketball so he thought having an entertainment room is a great idea.  He shopped for his gadgets and appliances at Cymax.  The room is ready as well and as soon as his orders arrived, he'll begin setting it up.  Even my kids were excited when they heard that their uncle is setting up a video room that can double as a game room.  I'm sure they'll be staying at their uncle's a lot during 'no school' days.

Friday, November 25, 2011

She got her furniture from Cymax

When my sister bought her own apartment, I helped her furnish it.  I am not an expert decorator but she trusts my taste when it comes to decorating and putting things together.  She likes modern furniture so we shopped at Cymax.  We got most of the items at 50 percent off because that time they were having a sale.  Her apartment turned out fabulous because we also matched the curtains with her furniture.  It is simple but everyone says it looks elegant.  She is again calling me to help her decorate for Christmas.  This is my favorite season and I've got lots of new ideas for her home.  I can't wait to start!

Five Months Old

Mai's twins turned five months yesterday and they are getting bigger and bigger everyday.  Both of the girls are a bit cranky these past few days because I suspect they are teething.  They keep on biting on their fingers and on anything their hands can grab probably to help relieve the pressure in their gums.  They also drool a lot and we noticed that their stools are loose.    Sophie seems not to mind these symptoms too much; it's Soleil who's fussier.  She can't sleep well and cries a lot.  Mai is worried but I assured her that all these are normal and will go away as soon as the the first tooth erupts.

She's documenting all of their milestones and she makes sure her camera is always ready when the first tooth shows up.  This is going to be one of the most exciting additions to the twins' scrapbook.  Having twins is so fascinating.  They are the first in our family and everyday we discover something new from them.  Soleil is older by three minutes.  She is the smaller one but she appears to be stronger; it's Sophie who always get the fever and the sniffles, but she's ahead when it comes to their milestones.   Mai has documented every milestone beginning with their first smile, coo, laughter and roll over.  Each of them has her own scrapbook and Mai again ordered for discount black card stock just to make sure she'll never be out of these papers.

I'm surprised that she still finds time to do all these despite having so little time left after taking care of them, but then again, a mom would do anything for her babies, right?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Floods, Big Damage

News of a disastrous flood that affects a whole community tends to hit the headlines. Another type of flooding, on a smaller scale, is much more common and doesn’t make the news. One of the main reasons you should find the best flood insurance NJ has to offer is because claims for water damage are more frequent in cases where flooding was caused by the failure of appliances like washing machines.
As you’d expect, older washing machines are more likely to fail than newer washers. Faults in supply hoses are the most common reason for washing machine floods although drainage failures and machine overflows also give rise to water damage insurance claims.

One of the best ways of avoiding a washing machine flood is to take a few minutes each month or so to check the supply and drainage hoses for signs of wear and damage. Always operate a washing machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; to avoid blockages, only use detergents that are recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t risk a flood by leaving the house while your washing machine is in mid-cycle.

The damage caused by a washing machine flood is likely to be more extensive and costly if the washer is located near valuable furniture or electronic equipment. Because of this, home safety experts recommend installing washing machines in basement areas rather than on upper floors of a house.

No-one who has had a washing machine flood will need to be reminded how expensive this experience can be. While a home insurance policy may provide some protection from the cost of replacing water damaged items, you’ll still be faced with paying a deductible.

Christmas Fairies

Our dear Nikki is celebrating her first birthday next month.  My brother and my SIL waited for a long time to have a child, so when Nikki arrived last year, you can just imagine the joy and excitement we all felt.  Nikki was showered with love since she came and she had been the center of everybody's attention.  It's been a while since we had a baby in the family.

My brother and his wife are already preparing for her first birthday party.  They plan to hold it at home with some friends and relatives.  Of course, the godfathers and godmothers will be there as well.  It is not going to be extravagant; the couple wants to make it as simple as possible.  And because her birthday is very close to Christmas, my sister-in-law plans to add some fairies to her Christmas decorations.  Nikki seems to be fond of fairies and she loved the Mark Roberts fairies they saw in a department store.  What's not to love about these Christmas fairies?  They are so beautiful and carefully crafted even kids love them.  In fact, that gave my SIL an idea to go for the Christmas fairy theme.    I think I'm gonna have to start my own collection too.  And since were talking about fairies, I'm going to look for Christmas fairy costumes for the twins.  I hope I find something that would fit.  They would be six months old on Nikki's birthday and I'm crossing my fingers that they have the costumes for babies.  It's going to be a fun fairy-inspired party I'm sure.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RT|WW - I didn't dare ride it!

Wordless Wednesday

Universal Studio's roller coaster

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today's Flowers - Chrysanthemums

Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!


My son and were stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. A road repair caused the two-hour jam which really got some motorists hot under the collar. As the asphalt equipment were being prepared, my son and I watched in amazement how machines prepared the asphalt for laying. Trucks maneuvered to pour dirt and gravel. A grader was on standby to level the gravel and dirt. An asphalt paver was at the end of the caravan of equipments.

We watched how everyone took their turn. A payloader made sure that all the dirt and gravel were spread right. When everything was set, an asphalt chip spreader went in to finish the job. I did not notice the hours pass since watching the roadwork amused me. My son was busy playing his PSP. Kid in the other cars were all watching the work from start to finish. Some even took photos with their phones. It was a weekend anyway and my son and I were just going to buy some groceries. We were in no hurry. It was one of those traffic jams that you won't mind being stuck in. It was fun to watch how roads are repaired. We went on our way as soon as the policeman waved us through.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Listen to Music

(image was borrowed from

Did you know that up to 80 percent of women nod off faster if they spend 20 minutes each evening listening to soothing sounds while stretching their arms, legs and back.  According to experts, this practice kick-starts the production of deeply relaxing theta brain waves, leading to tranquil state.  For a collection of soothing music, visit this free YouTube downloader link.  I do this trick whenever I can't sleep and it always works for me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RT|WW - Singapore's Chinatown

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick Fix for Greasy Scalp

Having problems with your too oily scalp?  Here's a simple trick to erase the excess oil.  Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and dab it on your roots, then blow dry on the cool setting.  Witch hazel is a natural astringent that will dissolve oil and grease on contact, plus reduce the amount of oil the scalp produces.

Red Roses

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1

Found Something That Works

Losing weight for me seemed to be impossible in the last couple of years.  That's since I have stopped smoking.  My metabolism became very idle and no matter how much I diet and exercise; the weight won't budge.  Worse, if I ate a little more than usual; you can expect the scale needle to go higher.  I almost gave up on exercising because it only frustrates me.  Imagine sweating it out for an hour daily and eating less and then nothing happens.  I just tried to psych myself up that if I don't lose weight at least it's doing my heart good.

However, I didn't stop looking for Weight Loss Tips that might help solve my dilemma.  Every time I find tips on how to lose weight fast,  I try them.  In the past 12 months, I have tried a few exercise plans until I discovered indoor walking very recently.  Exercising at home sounds like a good idea to me because I don't have to go everyday to the gym.  I'll be able to save more time and I can even watch my favorite soap while doing it.

Indoor walking is a ten minute exercise that you can do at home even if you have very limited space; you march in place, you kick and you even do it with arm combinations.  I do it three times daily because according to the author of Indoor Walking, short bursts of exercises can trigger fast weight loss.   Sure enough, I lost a pound after three days of doing it.  Although I didn't pay much attention because what is really a pound?  For all you know it's just water I lost.  The following week, I lost another pound then I thought this is not bad.  It may not be as fast but at least I'm starting to lose the pounds.

I also found out about Body Trim.  It's a scientific way to lose weight because it will help you eliminate food cravings easily and naturally.    This program, according to the trainer who developed this will banish weight loss plateaus for good.  By following their step by step guide, you can turn your body into an automatic fat burner .  Plus, you'll learn how to eat more delicious food and weigh less.

I'm going to incorporate this program with my indoor walking exercises.  I'm quite positive that both will produce great results for me.  I've already lost a few pounds from indoor walking but I believe that Body Trim can do more.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RT/WW - Birds of Paradise

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little Love Goes A Long Way

Everybody needs just a little tender loving care. This goes true with our retirees and old folks. I come from a closely knit family. My husband's grandparents lived with us till they passed on. Some families however cannot afford to do this. More often than not, we send our old folks to retirement homes. Sometimes, we take them for granted. My kids volunteer to share some TLC to these folks. Retirees whose families have somehow forgotten about them. Every year, more and more people volunteer their time and love to make these people happy. Rather than spend their extra time doing crazy things, these youths volunteer to be foster children and foster grandchildren just to make our old forgotten folks feel they are still loved.

Retirement homes have programs that need volunteers. Just like the assisted living Montgomery Country PA, many are looking for civic minded people who will unselfishly do whatever it takes to make the twilight years of the old a happy and memorable one. Our grandparents deserves to enjoy the remaining years of their lives. They need to be shown love and care not only by caregivers but regular people as well. Reading a book or simply singing them a tune makes a lot of difference. You will be surprised of how little effort it takes to make them smile or laugh.

Help make someone happy today. Rather than spend hours playing video games, do something that really makes a difference in someone's life. Do something meaningful. A little love goes a long way.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yellow Toenails

Fungus thrives in warm damp environment of winter boots, resulting in yellowed, soft or jagged toenails.  The first solution we can think of is to cover them with nail polish to hide the yellow color, but most anti-fungal solutions work best when applied to bare nails.  To have the best of both worlds, look for a polish that is infused with tea tree oil.  The oil works best at eliminating fungus; you'll still have beautifully painted toenails while the oil does its job.

Berries for Your Pal

Can't think of what to give your best pal on his wedding?  Don't strain yourself from thinking.  You can give him wedding berries that can be found only at SharisBerries. These are fresh berries that were dipped in either white or dark chocolate that you just can't resist.  Sometimes it's harder to give gifts to your pals, but you'll never go wrong with these wedding berries.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Find a Reliable Contractor

Have you recently purchased your first home? Congratulations on reaching the first rung of the property ladder! Having arranged the best home insurance Louisiana offers and moved in, you may be thinking seriously about some home improvements that could make your new home more comfortable and convenient for you and your family.

Hiring a trade contractor for a home improvement project can be quite challenging. If this is the first time you have engaged a contractor, here are some tips that might help to ensure a successful project.

•    Shop around: ask friends, relatives or neighbors to recommend contractors, and check out advertisements in local directories or newspapers. Contact several of potential contractors and obtain written estimates from at least three businesses that seem suitable.
•    Compare the contractors’ estimates. An estimate that is not much more than a dollar figure is not reassuring. A well-prepared, detailed estimate that sets out the scope of work to be done, and includes costs and time frames for starting and completing the work, is an indicator that the contractor has a professional approach and has a clear understanding of what your project entails.
•    Check your chosen contractor’s background. Make sure that your contractor is properly licensed and carries liability insurance. Ask for contact details of previous clients, and call them to ask whether they were satisfied with the contractor’s work. Ask specifically whether the job was completed on time and within the budget, and whether the client would hire the contractor again.

A home improvement project may add significantly to the value of your home. If you need to review your home insurance coverage to reflect an increased investment in your home, speak to your agent or insurer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RT/WW - Mangrove Crab

Wordless Wednesday

Fire and Home Protection

Whether it be wildfire or fire from some other means, seeing your home burning would have to be one of the most terrifying and horrific sights. Whether you live in a wildfire-prone area or not, it’s important that you have protection in place when it comes to fire: from a planned escape plan, to Erie homeowners insurance.

The most important thing of course is to protect your family and yourself. Install smoke detectors and check them regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly. Familiarize everyone with their sound, and also plan an escape route. If possible there should be at least two escape routes from every room. If you do encounter thickening smoke, crawl quickly away towards an exit (smoke and heat rise so you should keep your head low). Ensure everyone knows to get outside as quickly as possible and not to try to pack clothes or other items.

To help protect your property, you might ensure you have fire-resistant materials in the property (including roof, shed), that your yard is not overgrown and gutters are kept clear at all times. Keep a fire-extinguisher at home, and a hose close to the entrance. And make sure your front door and house number are clearly visible so that you can be found easily by fire fighters.

And should disaster strike, you will have some reassurance if you have purchased the correct amount of homeowners insurance.

Some planning now can help protect your family and your home in the event of fire.
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