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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Juicy Tomato

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Erase Underarm Shadow

Dark underarms?   Bleaching creams or lotions can be too harsh on your skin.  Instead of lightening the color of your underarm skin, it may leave irritating rashes.  To erase underarm shadow use a soap that contains the enzyme glutathione.  This gently lightens skin.  While in the shower, let the soap suds set on your underarms for at least three minutes.  You'll notice a great improvement in as little as seven days.

Perfect Leather Bags for Men at Saddleback

Lawyers are always lugging around loads and loads of documents of files in their briefcases. I know because my husband and I are both lawyers. We have both gone through a whole lot of briefcases because we tend to overload them with documents we need for the cases we are working on. Thus, we are always on the lookout for quality briefcases that will survive our needs.

By happenstance, a colleague noticed my rather worn-out briefcase and commented that I might need a new one very soon. I had to agree as mine was looking forlorn and was barely holding up from the abuse it has undergone from me. My husband’s was in no better shape, looking even worse for the wear than mine. I determined to shop for new briefcases for us both that coming weekend, if my schedule would allow it.

I had a few hours from doing the housework that Saturday to go on the internet in search of briefcases for me and my husband. I had not time to go out and shop although I would have preferred to do so in physical stores rather than go online shopping. But beggars cannot be choosers. I just did not have the luxury of time and our briefcases looked ready to give out any time so it had become rather imperative that I found replacements for them sooner than soon.

I chanced upon the Website of Saddleback Leather Company, and found their story very interesting. Even more interesting were their leather bags for men which I knew at once my husband would love. I chose the classic briefcase for him in dark coffee brown. I chose the thin briefcase for myself in chestnut. We are now both sporting new briefcases that are built to last, regardless of abusive use.

Comfort and Style with Dickies Cargo Shorts

Shorts have become a necessary part of any wardrobe, more so for that of men. It is ridiculous to be wearing pants all the time even to the beach. At least for places such as the beach, shorts would naturally be the outfit of choice for both men and women. During the summer months, they provide some comfort from the scorching heat and many a men prefer to wear them during these months.

My husband wears pants everywhere. He has never owned a pair of shorts. I never understood this. Thus, I decided that it was time for him to welcome shorts into his wardrobe. I figured it was up to me to change his mind about wearing shorts. But I can’t do that if he does not even own one. So one day, I decided to browse among the thousands of pants on sale online.

By chance, I came upon the website of the popular work apparel manufacturer, the Dickies brand.  Their online store provided a wide array of shorts to choose from and those I found to be most appealing are their cargo shorts. They are perfect for my husband because he loves carpentry and spends a whole lot of time working on projects in our garage. He would also find them practical to wear when he walks to the grocery store just a few blocks from our home. Indeed, when I first presented the several pairs of cargo shorts I purchased, he was unsure. But as soon as he tried them on, he was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they are. He now wears them all the time and has since added quite a number of pairs to his wardrobe.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fried Onion Strips

Soft Chairs for Worship

One thing my son likes about attending mass in our parish are their soft chairs4worship. The wooden pews that we usually see in churches makes his back ache. He had a little injury when he had a bad fall during their school instrams so sitting without the cushion makes him feel uncomfortable. The doc says it might take a few months to heal. With the soft chairs, he has no excuse not to go to church.

What's Your Autumn Sense?

Your Autumn Sense is Sight
You are a keen appreciator of beauty, and you believe there is no more beautiful season than the fall.
Like everyone else, you love the sight of changing leaves. However, unlike everyone else, you notice every color, shape, and pattern.

You love people watching in the fall. Whether you're checking out fall fashions or Halloween costumes, you like to see people dressing for the season.
Whether you're in the city or the country, this time of year gives you plenty to look at.

Posters Made Easy

A school project we were co-ordinating necessitated that we have 50 posters printed in less than two weeks! Pressed for time as we were, considering that we still had to go to school every day, we figured we needed help from a professional. A member of our group told us about a website which has a service that allows one to make posters online. We checked on the website and found that, indeed, their service could be the answer to our needs. We certainly had no time to look for a commercial printing service that could come up with such a large number of posters to be printed in the time frame that we required them. 

Moreover, commercial printers might not be amenable to accepting our order as we required only a copy of 50 different posters. We found that prints two sizes of posters: 18” x 24” and 24” x 36”. The smaller size would be perfect for the posters we had created. Additionally, the regular production time for a poster to be finished is only five days, which would give ample time for us to have the posters shipped to us and then for us to mount the posters in our display area in time for our presentation. It not only would allow us to make posters online, it would also be able to print out the posters in record time. Each one of the 50 posters we had made were already in pdf format but, reading through the requirements of the website, we had to tweak some of the files to fit it into 2500 x 3400 pixels which the website suggests as the best resolution for 18 x 24-sized posters. 

We spent a few minutes to check the file resolution of each custom poster we wanted printed on the website’s built-in resolution checker to make sure we get the best print-outs for them. We then uploaded the files and processed our order. The whole process was easy and convenient. We got our posters in five days as promised. We had ample time to set up our posters in our venue. And we got through our school project without any hitches, thanks to Click here for more products if you need make posters too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cracks in the Heels

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Those unsightly cracks in the heels are generally caused by dry skin.  These cracks can become sore and may even bleed.  They may cause you pain when walking and if left untreated, can also lead to serious infections. 

You can easily prevent painful, cracked heels by drinking plenty of water, moisturizing your feet nightly and avoiding excessively hot showers. Pamper your walkers with a good lotion and a little massage and your dry heels will heal in no time. 

Replacing Hard-to-Find Light Bulbs is Easy with Genesis

Running a small photography studio is not without the usual hitches. A perennial problem has always been replacing the special light bulbs that are normally used in photography. Because they are specialty light bulbs, one is hard-put to find them off the racks of any supermarket, hardware or even a store specializing in light fixtures. They have to be pre-ordered and one has to make sure that there is always a spare in their inventory to ensure that their service is not interrupted due to lack of the proper lighting. Because of the myriad types of specialty bulbs used by professional photographers, keeping track of one’s inventory is problem. Moreover, there are types that are simply hard to find and finding replacement light bulbs for them can truly be a pain.

Coming across the website of Genesis Lamp Corporation finally ended our woes with respect to replacing our specialty light bulbs in the studio. Living in a small town did not make it easy for us to find replacements for our specialty light bulbs. Genesis Lamp Corporation has a comprehensive inventory of specialty lighting for photography studios. We were pleased to find that their inventory included everything from modeling lights to all types of flashtubes. And their excellent customer service ensures that we have our replacement light bulbs whenever we need them. The ease and convenience of ordering from them online has ended our worries of not having replacement light bulbs for our specialty lights when we need them.

Shop Confidently for Shoes Online at Houser Shoes

Busy professionals with families like me necessarily become avid online shoppers because of lack of time. In my case, having a family and keeping two jobs have all contributed to my shopping habits online. But online shopping is not without its hazards so it is imperative that online shoppers like me choose the companies which they do business with. Years of experience in online shopping has given me the opportunity to establish a list of online stores that are secure, safe and dependable.

Shopping for shoes online is easy at my favorite online shoe store, Houser Shoes. They have always managed to make my shopping experience with them easy and convenient. They are efficient and dependable and I have never had a problem with them. There are probably thousands of online shoe stores in the US but at Houser Shoes, I can shop confidently without any misgivings as they have always provided professional service at the best prices. I appreciate that an underlying value of the company is integrity. And I have been witness to this on many an occasion when there is a problem with my order. They have managed to answer all my questions and resolve my issues with a shipment with unmatched professionalism and efficiency of service. I am a loyal customer and I have no doubt that I will be for many more years to come.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clear Pores and Minimize Blackheads

You've been diligently washing your face and using a good toner daily to keep your skin clear; still, you see blackheads marring your complexion.  More often, clogged pores are the reason behind this.  According to Dr. Jessica Wu, "Pores are the openings to oil glands, which are concentrated on the nose, chin, and forehead (an area often referred to as the T zone). When oil, or sebum, gets trapped in the pores and then comes into contact with the air, it turns dark, creating blackheads."  She adds that dead skin cells can also be trapped in the pores and build up, they stretch out the pores; thus they appear bigger. 

If you want to minimize the pores from looking bigger, here's what you should do:

1)  Exfoliate regularly. Look for a foaming scrub that contains salicylic acid if your skin is very oily.

2)  Use deep cleansing pore strips to remove oil and dirt.  This will help remove the oil temporarily but using it at least twice weekly will help clear your pores.

3)  Use a primer especially when you wear makeup; this will help minimize the appearance of blackheads by smoothing out the surface of your skin and soaking up oil.

Quick Lockworks Services All Locksmith Needs

A locksmith Calgary area business owner knows that the first thing a potential client looks for in the type of service they provide is speed. This is especially true in an emergency where a car door needs to be unlocked. Naturally, there are other factors which make a potential customer choose a locksmith over the other but speed of service is still the most important.

There are many other locksmiths in the Calgary area that residents can choose from but as their name suggests, Quick Lockworks provides service expeditiously every time. Their byline is to “provide unmatched service, whatever your needs may be – and whenever you need us.” With Quick Lockworks, you can be assured of fast service all the time. They take into account that locksmiths are called most often due to emergencies and emergencies demand quick responses. Thus, Quick Lockworks always makes it a point to give the speediest of services in every assignment, whether it is to unlock a door in a home, an office, or a car door in some parking lot.

They use only professional equipment in unlocking your doors to ensure that there is no or minimal damage to doors at all times. Their team of locksmiths is the most experienced and maintains professionalism at every level. With Quick Locksmiths, you are sure to get speedy service and professional work done every single time.

Unique Wedding Bands and Jewelry from Todd Alan Studios

Preparations for a wedding ceremony entail a lot of hard work beginning with finding the right wedding bands for the bride and groom. But a wedding coordinator has to deal with all these to create truly special wedding for a special couple. Thus, it is important for wedding coordinators and event planners to always be updated with new designs, new patterns of everything from wedding rings to floral arrangements and couture wedding garments.

A fresh idea for unique wedding rings is provided by Todd Alan Studios. Talented artisan Todd Alan has come up with utterly unique jewelry that is handmade from the finest materials. His signature style is the hand-braided ring which he accomplishes using a method called “fusing.” This design style is produced using round strands of precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver that are braided together then “fused” at the end to create a distinct band that only he produces. Each piece he works on is a work of art and the unique wedding bands that he produces are entirely different from other wedding bands in the market today.

Wedding bands and rings are not the only things he makes, though. Todd Alan also likes to work on specially commissioned pieces that are reflective of his client’s ideas. As a testament to the uniqueness of his works, he only begins work on a piece when the order comes in. All orders have a 30-day risk free return policy and online orders are guaranteed secure. Indeed, his works can be recommended to any client without any fears.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RT2/WW - Desert Rose

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Stop Hair Loss

Did you know that a daily dose of flaxseed can halt hair loss.  The seeds have naturally occuring plant estrogens that balance female hormones to stop hair loss; a problem that plagues women with age.  Consuming 1 1/2 tablespoons of flaxseed per day slows hair loss in 9 out of 10 women.  The lignans in the seeds help prevent the breakdown of testosterone that can cause hair to thin and eventually stop growing altogether.

Jewels of Singapore

My love of jewelry has taken me to many places the world over. My passion for jewelry has its roots in my blood. My father belongs to generations of jewelry designers and artisans. The chain of jewelry stores his family owns, and which I, along with three other cousins, will eventually run started in the early 1940s. My family has been in the jewelry trade for the most part of 70 years.

The craftsmen of the East have always mystified my artistic inclinations. The distinct oriental flavor which shows in their crafts and the intricacy of their designs has intrigued me since I began training in the family business. It provided the stimulus which brought me to the shores of Singapore.

My father saw an opportunity for business in my desire to visit Singapore so he supported my decision. It would be an educational visit as I intended to visit the finest jewelry stores in the small country. As always, before I go on a trip, I check to see the best places to buy jewelry online as the search always brings me to the best jewelry stores in an area. This time, the search brought me to a Lee Hwa jewelry review which told me that the Lee Hwa Jewelry chain is one of the best jewelry stores in Singapore. 

The Lee Hwa website presented an impressive list of credentials which convinced me that the first jewelry boutique I would visit when I get to Singapore would certainly be the Lee Hwa jewelers. While their collections are contemporary and draws inspirations from fashion trends of the season, I was confident that I would still see some vestiges of the Asian inspiration in their collections. Clearly, the target of the stores is the affluent and fashion forward women of Singapore and the surrounding countries. Singapore has developed into a major tourist destination of Asian travelers and those of the Middle East.  The company’s aggressive marketing approach and crisp management style has brought the chain into the forefront of the jewelry industry in Singapore.

The position of Lee Hwa in the jewelry market is best manifested by the trust exclusive brands such as Forevermark of De Beers, DestinĂ©e of Belgium, Furrer-Jacot of Switzerland, Annamaria Cammilli of Italy and Stenzhorn of Germany have placed in the company, allowing it to be the exclusive distributor of their brands in the region. The artisans of Lee Hwa have presented their unique creations and their innovation is best represented by their 19k solid Purple Gold line which they introduced in 2000. The purple gold of yore used to have an uneven color and was porous. Lee Hwa’s stable of artisans concocted a perfect mix of gold and other alloys to create a gold mixture that is strong yet malleable so that it can be coaxed into fabulous works of art. I knew at once that the Purple Gold collection of Lee Hwa Jewelry would be the one that I would be most interested in.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fast, Clean and Efficient

Bad luck strikes when you least expect it and I hate it when the air conditioner breaks down when you need it most.  It's been terribly hot for the past few days so we've been using the air con a lot.  Then just this afternoon, it stopped working.  The air con is not so new and it was probably overworked.  The twins were very cranky because of the scorching heat. 

Today is a Sunday and I doubt I could call anyone to service the unit.  Just thinking about sleeping tonight with just a fan already makes me feel sweaty.  But then again, luck must be on my side.  As I was surfing the internet, I found chauffage montrĂ©al.  They can come and repair my air con anytime!  I am so glad there is an emergency service company that answers calls for this kind of problems.

So the repairmen came and told me that the unit's air duct is jammed that is why it stopped working.  No replacements needed.  They simply cleaned the air duct and voila!  The room is cool again and so is everyone's head.  What really impressed me was they were fast and very courteous.  As soon as they identified the problem, they worked on it right away.  I didn't pay much either so if you are ever in need of an air con service; try these guys.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make Your Back Acne-Free

To get rid of those unsightly “bacnes” try applying an alcohol-free toner with salicylic acid.  This toner delivers blemish-busting ingredients without the irritating effects of alcohol- and the addition of salicylic acid (a gentle exfoliator), helps skin regenerate to fade scarring.  For those hard-to-reach bacnes, try putting the tones in a small spray bottle and spritz it on your back.

Dealing with Drug Addiction

Do you or someone you love have problems with drugs?  Drug addiction is something that should be dealt with right away once you know a loved one is suffering from it.  Help is easily available for him because there are institutions like Morningside Recovery where your loved one can get support.  It’s also important for you to know why he or she became addicted to drugs.  Learning about how it developed will help you understand him and know what you could do to help.

I had an uncle who tried drugs out of curiosity.  He and his friends tried to have a good time and before we knew it; he was already deep into it.  He started to tell lies and steal from us.  Although we were already suspecting that he was using drugs, he was denying it.  My grandfather did his best to help him overcome his addiction.  He’s been in and out of rehab centers but he still came back to his bad habit.  It was only when he finally admitted to himself that he had a problem that we were able to help him.  He asked to be enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program.  And with the support of the whole family and those at the rehab center, he was able to recover and pick up himself.

Improve the Sound Quality of Your Home Theater Room with Carpets

My husband and I never knew that installing a carpet in our home theater entertainment room will help improve the quality the sound.  Yes, just like at the movie theaters where they have carpets, it can help minimize the noise because it sort of works as a barrier between the floors.  You'll have better surround sound if you install carpet on your flooring, the carpet salesman says. 

We were both convinced with this and my husband is already thinking of having the rug installed.  What worried me was the cleaning.  He and the kids love to munch on snacks while watching movies; spills and stains can't be avoided, that's for sure.  It's not like there is a carpet cleaning calgary where I live.  And if there's a company that does the same kind of service, I doubt they are as good and if their prices are affordable.

As I was contemplating on these things, hubs kept on convincing me to have it installed.  He kept telling me that the room will be more comfortable and that it will also improve the air circulation.  He added that we'll save more on energy because it can help maintain the coolness of the room; point well taken so I agreed.

By the way, if you live in Calgary or anywhere near there, you might want to hire them to clean your rugs.  You may contact them at AlbertaPro Cleaning Solutions: 612-500 County Hills Boulevard, Calgary, AB T3K 5K3, (403) 948-4048.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crepey Chest?

One popular treatment for rejuvenating the decolette is rosewood oil.  The oil has the ability to stimulate circulation and promote new skin-cell growth while also being gentle on this delicate area.  To do:  Simply apply a rosewood-infused cream twice daily.  You'll notice that the lines will be gone in as little as two weeks.

Finding The Perfect Flooring

If you are thinking of upgrading the look of your flooring ; you can easily get confused because of the large number of flooring options you can see at flooring stores.  Before you go and Shop new flooring and carpeting stores in Erie, PA., it would be best to picture your room first.  Determine the type of materials you like, the theme of your room and the amount of traffic your flooring will be subjected to.  If you are doing a bedroom; a softer surface like carpet would work.  Bathrooms and kitchens need harder surfaces so tiles or cement would work best.

You also need to take into consideration your family.  Do you have small kids and pets?  If the answer is yes, then you need something durable like wood.  It's hard yet relatively soft so you can be sure that it wouldn't hurt much should your kids slip.  Carpets may not be a good idea with kids between the ages 5 to 16 because they tend to messy.

The key really in finding the perfect flooring for your room is to opt for a surface that is suitable for both your family and function of the room.  Your sales representative can easily point out the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of flooring to help you find the perfect flooring.

Andrew Gets Up Close and Personal with Diamonds

A 10th wedding anniversary is a landmark in any couple’s life. It is an achievement in itself since nowadays it is more common for couples to get divorced within a few years of their marriage. It is by no means a small feat, therefore, when a couple stays married for that long. Thus, when Andrew and Anna was about to celebrate that milestone in their life as a couple, Andrew had the bright idea of gifting Anna with a one-carat diamond ring. Being his aunt who had a particular passion for collecting diamond jewelry, Andrew thought it best to ask for my help in finding the best one-carat diamond ring for his lovely and loving wife.

Prior to going around the jewelry stores in our area, I had advised Andrew to read up on diamond shapes. I thought it would be best if he had an idea which shape of diamond he would find most appealing so that we could narrow down our search. If he knew what shape he wanted for his wife, then our search would be more specific. That would mean less time spent on our search.

I also thought it would be a good idea for him to browse through the website of Sugar Land Jewelers. I always recommend that website to anyone who wants to learn more about diamonds, their cuts, grades and shapes. Indeed, Andrew found the website very informative and after reading through the articles, he knew what shape of diamond he wanted and knew what to look for in purchasing a ring.

We set out one Saturday to visit my most trusted jeweler which was a good hour’s drive from our area. I wanted to show him what a good grade diamond looks like up close. I knew that it was unlikely that we would be making a purchase on that same day but I needed to show him what brilliance, clarity and cut means. I also emphasized the need to make purchases only from reputable jewelers whose diamonds are certified and properly graded by the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. I figured this would be an educational tour more than anything else. Andrew was prepared to give up so many of Saturdays, which is his golf day, just to make sure that he would find the perfect diamond for Anna.

True enough, when we got to the store and was presented the one-carat diamonds they had in stock, Andrew had a lot of questions. He studied each gem carefully and was not ashamed to ask questions. Hugo, my favorite gemologist and long-time friend patiently explained to him why a particular diamond is of lesser quality than another. Although he had made up his mind that the most practical choice for a diamond would be a round cut one, he was nevertheless enthralled by the beautiful stones Hugo presented to us. Now that Andrew had a really good idea what to look for in a diamond, the next step would be for him to determine the type of design he wanted for his wife. But that would be for another narrative.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RT2/WW - Bowing

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Instant Relief for Razon Burn

A quickie shaving job can leave your skin stinging.  For a quick relief, here's what you should do.  Soak a cotton pad with liquid antacid and hold it on the irritated area for 5 minutes.  The antacid will soothe redness and inflammation.

Custom Challenge Coins

Are you into coin collections? Did you know that you can create your own collectible coin? Well, I'm not collecting coins but I was looking to find custom challenge coins for my giveaways this coming holiday season when I chanced upon the website. I wanted to give something unique to my loyal customers and I thought coins are a great idea. I was surprised to find that I can create my own. I'm going to have lots of fun designing my coins. And oh, did I tell you that you won't be charged with the design if you have your coins made by them?

Breeches for My Niece

My niece absolutely adore the breeches I got her from kerrits. That's what she asked from me for her 17th birthday. She's the only one in the family who rides and she's training for a competition early next year. I had a hard time finding the right breeches for her because she is tall and thin but the site's easy navigation and the variety of sizes and styles they offer, made it easy for me to find the perfect piece. I'm glad that she loved my gift.

He's Getting a New Flute

When my son first asked me to buy him a bamboo flute, I wan very excited that he is showing interest in music. When he was much younger, he didn't want to do anything else but sin in front of the TV or play games on the computer. I immediately went with to the music store to buy the flute. A friend taught him how to play and I love watching him play. hubs told me that if he continues to play, he'd get him an awesome armstrong flute this Christmas. It's a little pricey compared to the bamboo flute I got him but hubs says it's going to be worth it.

How Girly Are You?

If I took this test when I was much younger, the results would have been different. :) 

You Are 12% Girly
Um... you're a guy, right? If not, you're the most boyish girl in the world.
And for you, that's probably the ultimate compliment.

Party Decorations for Every Occasion

As a part-time caterer, I have long been asked to offer party packages by my clients that will include food and decorations. Because of the demand, I needed to look for efficient and reliable suppliers of party decorations who can provide all my customers’ needs. Fortunately, I found an online retailer of all the things that I can possibly require for a party that I was sure my clients would love. With the help of my partners and friends, I have come up with a catalogue of party decorations for any and all occasions imaginable from children’s parties to wedding receptions that have delighted and enthralled my clients.

My catering services now include decorations, party favors, chair covers, linens and runners. I have blossomed from a caterer to a party planner of sorts. My clients have increased many times over because I now offer a complete package for every occasion imaginable. The party decorations I offer run from the baby showers to funeral receptions. My table overlays and runners run come in all the colors of the rainbow. Naturally, they come with matching sashes for the chairs. My party decorations include lights to candles to garlands of flowers or acrylic crystals that dazzle and shine. I am now in the process of adding another dimension to my business. I am planning to offer party favors to my clients as they have also asked me why I do not offer that service. Soon I shall be a one-stop shop for all my clients’ party needs. I am sure my clients’ number will increase as well.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Feel Radiant Again with this Mask

Is your facial skin dull and dry?  Here's an easy and inexpensive fix.  Combine 1/2 a cup of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 egg.  Apply a thin layer of the mixture to your face and let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.  The oatmeal exfoliates skin while the oil and honey will moisturize, and the egg will shrink pores to tighten skin.  The result?  A soft and glowing complexion.

Floor Upgrade

After suffering from flooding last month because of the the torrential rains, my cousin and her husband decided to upgrade their flooring.  I used to admire their beautiful parquet floor because it was always shiny.  It made me sad that the flood destroyed that.  She asked me if I know a place where they can shop for affordable tiles to replace their wooden flooring  and I just happen to know a place where they can Shop variety and beauty in tile.  That's  where we shopped when mom upgraded her kitchen flooring.  The tiles they have there are stylish and elegant.

Deciding on tiles is a great idea; especially for them who are prone to flooding.  Tile flooring is not just tasteful, it is sturdy and resilient and can withstand water (and even mud!).  Plus, it's easier to clean and unlike wood, won't leave an odor after getting wet.

Although she says that it's not likely that they would experience flooding again because it only happened when water was released from the nearby dam during the height of the torrential rains, you never can tell, right?  It's better that you are always ready should it happen again and your home won't be damaged.  Spending for renovations is not a joke.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RT2/WW - Red Velvet Cake

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