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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Treat it with coconut oil.  The oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids known to strengthen the skin's connective tissue.  This then makes for a healthy scalp.

To do:  After a tepid bath, apply the oil to the scalp and massage it in.  Then use a natural gentle shampoo to wash it out.  Astringent-based shampoos strip the scalp of necessary oils  that serve as protection making it prone to dandruff.  The coconut oil will replace all these necessary oils that was lost to keep scalp healthy again.

Silver Dollars as an Investment

I was just writing about how my parents love to invest in real estate a while ago when I remembered that silver dollars are also a good investment.  While gold and real estate are the most popular places to park your money, I'd say go for silver dollars too. The premiums of these can go as high or sometimes higher than silver bars. Of course the price depends on the market when demand for silver boosts up, but I still think silver is one investment you can expect your money to grow.

Smooth Rough Elbows

Scaly elbows?  Here's the trick:  Mix a cup of cornmeal and a cup of olive oil, then rub the mixture into rough patches and rinse off.  The grainy texture of the cornmeal will exfoliate skin while the olive oil will infuse it with moisture.  It works on knees too!

Secure Your Family's Future with Investment Real Estate

Whenever my parents have extra money to spare, mom would go looking for a property (either a house or an apartment building) they can buy.  Investment real estate is a lucrative business she says.  You can never tell what will happen to you in the future, she adds.  But when you have this kind of investment, you'll have a stable monthly income without lifting a finger.  My parents are right and investment real estate is a great idea because who knows you may be out of job or you may get sick and can't work for a while.  Money will continue to come in from your investments.

Friday, July 29, 2011

On The Beat

A friend of mine is a reporter assigned to the police beat. Quite unusual for a woman. It has been her dream to be a reporter.She used to write for our school paper. An opening at a local paper gave her the break she had been waiting for. She grabbed the opportunity despite the workload. The police would not hand you a story on a silver platter. You have to get it on your own. This is why she got herself a live police scanner. With it, she can listen to police reports and dispatches. She can easily race to the scene and get the story before anyone else does. Being the first is a huge advantage in news reporting. Arrive a little late and it becomes old news.

So far, her luck is holding up. She's always where the action is ahead of everybody. Armed with he phone and with the wonders of the internet, she can easily send her report to the editor. She says it's an exciting job. She's made enough friends in the force to get her some inside information. This has made her job a little easier. She really enjoys what she's doing. Despite openings in other departments, she chose to stay where she is. She loves being on the beat.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Superstitious Pinoys

The Filipinos are known to be very superstitious.  We have too many superstitions that what's happening around and everything you do has a meaning.  Dreams have so many meanings and interpretations.  Seeing a fish in your dream means lots of money is coming your way.  Losing a tooth means a relative or close friend will pass away.  Even the things happening around have meanings; things like seeing a butterfly inside the house means a dead relative is visiting you, breaking a glass or a dish means something bad will happen, singing while cooking might make you a widow, don't make a mistake of stepping on an anthill or you'll be sorry because dwarfs are believed to dwell there.  The long list goes on.

Although I really don't believe in all these things, I have to admit that they sometimes scare me.  It is also no wonder that because there are too many of these scary superstitions, protection amulet became very popular around here.  Walk in the streets of Quiapo and you'll find hundreds of kabbalah jewelry and sacred amulets on sale.  These are believed to protect you from harm and to keep the bad spirits away.  Even newborn babies are given spiritual jewelry to protect them from sickness and harm.

You'll see more of these amulets and you'll hear more scary superstitions especially in the provinces.  Many Filipinos say that they actually believe in these superstitions but they would rather be careful and follow the rules than be sorry.  I am one of them and I won't be ashamed wearing an amulet or a spiritual jewelry because these jewelries have evolved too.  Talismans and amulets now come in fashionable designs.  They are too pretty you wouldn't even think they are amulets.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Massage for Puffiness

Puffy face?  Here's an easy trick to reduce the swelling.  Gently massage both sides of your neck, under your ears in a circular motion for 10 seconds.  Then slowly sweep your hands down your neck, toward the collarbone.  Like any other massages, this one helps release toxins, release tension and relieve puffiness.

Reading Made Interesting

Science can be very boring to most kids. They hate reading about the subject. They would rather watch television than read books. I remember watching Sesame Street and Electric Company when I was young. Learning became very interesting and fun. I had the same problem with my son. He easily strays and loses focus when he reads. He gets very bored and sometimes falls asleep. I had a bright idea. While browsing around my favorite bookstore, I chanced upon some videos. I went through the titles and subjects. There were several videos on math and science. They offer different levels too. I chose the subjects I think my son would be needing.

I handed him the DVDs when I got home. I'm quite sure he'll watch those videos. I caught him several times watching Discovery and History Channels. Those are the only educational shows he watches from time to time. The reading rainbow videos would definitely interest him. Hopefully, he would finally take science a little more seriously. One thing I noticed is how he enjoys watching educational shows when his Dad watches with him. My husband would explain things he doesn't understand. I will have to ask my husband to watch the videos I bought with him.

WW - Juicy Lychees

Wordless Wednesday

Avoiding The Mad Rush

Every year, whenever the Yuletide season comes, there's a mad rush to get all their presents wrapped. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be caught in such a situation. I have been in such a situation many times before. The last time, I lost my bag and some of my presents crushed. After that, I vowed that I would do the wrapping myself. I started that last Christmas and I still have a few materials left. I only had a roll of ribbon left. This would not be enough and I have to buy some more rolls. I have customized boxes made for me. I design my own prints and have someone make them into personalized gift boxes.

I'm now ordering new stocks and designing some more. This early,I'm already making a list of people I'm going to give presents to. Every year, my lists grows longer. I'm making sure that I have enough wrapping materials. I am sure, my printer would be swamped with orders too. That is why I'm making my orders this early. I am trying to avoid the annual mad rush. I suggest that you do what I do. Wrapping your presents yourself would make the recipient feel special. They'll appreciate the labor of love.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RT|WW - Cute Bread

Fun Fare

The expo we went to had a very festive mood. There were bands playing and from time to time, announcements of upcoming activities for the day. It was a transport industry exposition. Different automotive flags bore the names and logos of the different car manufacturer. The parking lot flew message flags inviting one and all to check out the different exhibitors. My husband and son could not hide their enthusiasm as they took every giveaway and souvenirs handed to them. They checked out the new models and took pictures of the different sports cars on display. The main display hall had pennant strings with manufacturer logos.

We checked out the motorcycles and ATVs on display. I especially liked the recreational vehicles. I checked each and every model they had on display. My husband checked out the big bikes while my son took a look at the new motocross bikes. There were also boats on display. A certain company displayed its personal hovercrafts. They were awesome. One craft had military specs and many people were milling around it. Some exhibitors offered test drives. Others had videos of their vehicles. A seminar on road safety was also held. Navigation aids were also on display. My husband was particularly interested in the new vehicle security systems. It was a fun weekend for me and my boys. 

Green Revolution

We've all seen how global warming greatly affects our daily lives. There is a shift now to heal our ailing planet. More and more organizations hold environmental fundraising events. There so many green fundraising ideas that these organizations are using. Some hold concerts with the proceeds going to environmental projects. Fun runs and bike rides are also very popular events for environmentalists. I have attended a green fundraising event that sponsored a movie premiere. A huge percentage of the ticket sales went to a tree planting project.

Raising awareness for the environment has been very successful. In just five years, more and more people are taking notice of how our daily activities impact the environment. Even the automotive industry is taking steps to lessen their carbon imprint. Research and development of renewable energy has been very successful as well. Waste management as well have greatly improved. Waste segregation, recycling and composting  are utilized to lessen pollution and contamination of the soil and waterways. Stricter environmental laws have been passed to address different environmental issue.  Countries all over the world are doing all these as well. Governments are now taking proactive steps to make our planet healthy again. The Green Revolution is in full swing.

At The Plant

I visited a client's plant last week. He's adding new equipment and would like the place reorganized. I told him that we can rearrange that different workstation for a more fluid operation. We will be moving all the storage cabinets in one section. This way, parts and special tools will be housed in one section. Inventory of both parts and tools will be a lot easier. An additional service cart will be assigned to every section. This will serve as a backup cart for new parts and small tools. After every working day all tools and extra parts are to be returned to the central storage section. A foreman in charge with releasing these items will also be the one to store them.

Every section will have additional industrial workbenches for operational and production expansion. The new equipments will increase and hasten production. This is why additional workbenches and industrial cabinets are needed. An overhead crane will also be installed to ferry the heavier parts from one workstation to the next. A new loading bay will be constructed at the far end of the plant next to the packaging station. All these will have to be finished in two weeks. Time is a little tight but I'm sure my team will be able to finish the project in time. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sea's Bounties

I love seafood and so does my family. Every meal we have, there is always at least one seafood dish. I always go for the best. Nothing beats fresh seafood. NC fresh seafood is one of the best in the world. Since the time my brother sent us fresh shrimps from North Carolina, I now only buy fresh seafood from North Carolina. Their crabs are also some of the freshest and the best. My son loves chili crabs. He learned to love this since he tried it on a trip to Singapore. I try to serve this as often as I can. A personal favorite is oysters. I just love them. My husband loves them too especially when I serve oyster shooters. Me,  I like them baked with a little chili and cheese on top.

We have sushi nights. Of course the shrimp and crab meat should be fresh. My son eats tons of sushi. He just can't get enough of it. We should not forget the many benefits of seafood. My husband is in his late forties and is very concerned about his prostate's health. Only seafood can give him the acid he needs to keep his prostate healthy. This is why I serve at least one seafood dish every meal. Seafood meat is a healthy alternative to meat as we know it. We often overlook that there are other sources pf vitamins and minerals. Only the freshest produce can give you the nutrients you need daily. Adding seafood especially the fresh kind is a healthy addition to anyone's diet.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Detox with a Bath or Skin Brushing

Did you know that up to 25 percent  of toxins are eliminated through the skin?  And where else can you get the maximum benefit than with a hot bath or skin brushing.  Both of these stimulate the lymph system to flush toxins.  Enjoy one 20-minute soak weekly, or brush dry skin daily.  To do:  Gently work in small circles from the feet up using a natural brush.

Monday, July 18, 2011

MYM|RT|WW - At the Car Show

MellowYellowBadgeWordless Wednesday

My nephew and his friends had a wonderful time at the car show.  That's him kneeling in front of the yellow car.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Trick to a Whiter Smile

Want whiter teeth?  Here's a natural way to whiten them: Brush your teeth with the inside of an orange peel once a week for 2 minutes before brushing as usual.  The acidic and astringent properties of the peel will polish any stains and plaque while the vitamin C will help fight bacteria.

Manage the Pain

You feel pain in your joint when the cartilage that serves as cushioning pad for the bones are torn or damaged.  This causes the bones to rub with each other thus causing the joint pain.  Damaged cartilage may be due to sports injuries or arthritis. The pain on your knees can interfere with your daily life.   The pain can last from a few days to a few weeks and it will be difficult to walk or even move.  Some say light pressure on the knee can cause them to wince in pain.  If you are suffering from joint pain, it is important to manage the pain and lessen the negative effects of arthritis.

Recent research shows that some vitamin supplements really work at easing the pain.  One such supplement is the nitric oxide supplement.  Apparently, this contains natural vitamins that has been found effective at fighting arthritis and other bone related problems.

Omega 3 also fights  arthritis so add fish, sardines (eat the bones as well for extra calcium), cheddar cheese, salmon, trout, chicken, banana, dark green vegetables and sunflower seeds to your diet.  You can still consume meat but limit your intake, meat fats aren't good for arthritis.

Taking the supplement and eating healthy are your key to lessen the pain of arthritis.

The Stronger Kick

I just got a call from my sister and she was telling me that she is enjoying the  coffee brewer I sent her.  I got it on sale when I passed by the mall yesterday.  I chanced upon a coffee brewers sale so I bought two: one for hubs (to be used in his work place) and one for her.  Both brewers are for single cups only.  My husband likes his coffee fresh every time and my sister only drinks her java in the morning.

For months, sissy has been complaining about having to do with instant cups of joe.  It's not that she didn't like instant coffee; the kick she gets from coffee made from coffee brewers is much stronger.  That's what she misses from home.  Every morning as soon as she opens her eyes, the smell of brewing coffee is all around the house.

She tried to be independent when she got an apartment in Long Island.  She's already been there for almost a year and so far she's doing great.  She does her laundry and cleans her own apartment.  She also learned how to cook.  She never did all these things when she was still here with us.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

For Soft and Smooth Heels

Here's another way to smooth out dry and cracked heels.  In blender, puree 2 cucumbers, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Divide the mixture evenly into two plastic bags, then put a foot in each one.  Secure the top and massage it all over.  Leave the bag on for 5 minutes before rinsing.  The lemon's acid will slough off dead skin, while the high water content of cucumbers and oleic acid will moisturize your tootsies.

Make it Easy For Your Clients

With more and more people shopping online, web-based businesses must offer the easiest and safest ways for their customers to pay for their purchases.  Online shopping is thriving and scammers are taking advantages of this.  You need to protect your clients and at the same time offer the easiest ways to pay for their purchases.

Most customers are turned off when a store offers limited credit card processing services.  If you can offer all the types of credit cards and all the means of payment to your shoppers, then why not?  That will attract more customers to your website and may mean bigger sales.

It would be wiser though to look for trusted merchant account providers.  If you are to avail of the many transactions and payment methods, they will be the one to set up the easiest payment schemes for you and your clients.

People are more careful now especially when shopping online.  They want of course, a safe and secure transaction.  Your customers will not come back to your site if they feel that it's not safe to buy from your store.  A good and trusted provided should provide you with secure merchant services credit card processing schemes.  Protect your clients and they'll be loyal customers.  That's for sure.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Achy and Sore Tootsies

If wearing high heels leaves your feet achy, sore and calloused; here's an at home cure that will leave them looking soft and pretty again.  To do:  Simply mix 1/4 cup of plain yogurt with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  Then spread  a thin layer of the mixture on the gauze of two large square self-adhesive bandages, and apply to the bottoms of clean feet before going to bed.  The vinegar will re-balance the alkaline-acid ratio in the skin to draw out toxins while you sleep.  And the lactic acid in yogurt will help soften the soles of your feet.

Warehousing and Forwarding

A friend of mine owns a forwarding and storage  business. They ship to different states and even abroad. They also handle hauling and moving. They use different forms of packaging, from boxes to crates. This business consumes huge amounts of packaging materials and supplies. This includes different kinds of carton and crating. The most used form of packaging is carton. With this, they go though millions of rolls of Clear Packaging Tape. This type is stronger than the brown one which was used before. Sealing cartons for shipping is very important in this kind of business. Getting the items sent to their final destination in perfect condition. Breakage is never acceptable. Utmost care is taken by his staff in handling and shipping packages. I guess this is the reason why he has many loyal clients.

I am impressed by how professional and refined his operations is. Even those who operate the heavy lifting machines and forklifts are highly skilled. Observing them move and lift the different packages is like watching a ballet. Even the sorting bay is well-organized. The entire operation from receipt of the item to shipping or storage is as smooth as clockwork. He employs more than a hundred happy and satisfied employees. They work in shifts so delays in sending the items out is nonexistent. His operations manager is very efficient. What I perceived as an operations nightmare was wrong. They have an allotted for each package for every station. Everything is sent out by day's end. That includes the international shipping. No wonder he is such a big success.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RT|WW - No Parking

Wordless Wednesday

Why can't people follow rules?

Enjoying the Wine Club

It was a great idea to gift our parents with a wine club present.  The club's monthly membership is very flexible so my siblings and I first signed them up for three months.  Although they both love to drink wine, we weren't so sure if they'd like the gift.  But only two months after receiving the present, my sister told me that it was a good decision to give them the present,  they seem to enjoy receiving a wine gift every month and they are learning so much about wine.  Mom is also enjoying using the wine for cooking.  I guess it's just right to continue the membership.

New Business

My nephew has recently put up a new business. They specialize on floor repair and installation. His services includes floor carpet removal and concrete floor polishing. He has a crew of efficient and certified people who can extend professional service. All of them are experts in handling a concrete polisher.  His foreman has more than two decades of experience in this field. I am impressed. After years of working under a contractor, my nephew is the owner of a company. He had saved enough to start his own business. He also has a wide array of equipment. His latest acquisition is a concrete floor grinder.

They already have three jobs lined up. He has placed ads in the local papers and handed out flyers. Summer is the perfect time for home repairs and this is what he's banking on. He was the one who did our flooring. My husband is very impressed and is recommending my nephew's company to his friends. It's hard to find good contractors. Most would rip you off. To have one who looks more on customer satisfaction is very rare. My nephew knows too well how important that is in business. He always guarantees all his jobs.  We hope him well in this new endeavor. He's professionalism is the key to his success.


As the birth of our grandchildren neared, my husband was raring to buy cigars online. They are just cheap cigars that we will be handing out to our friends. And when the day came, my husband gave cigars to everyone including the hospital staff. Of course those who received the giveaways did not light them up. No smoking in the hospital, not even in the parking lot. The entire family was ecstatic. Our relatives came in full force to support my daughter and her husband. The viewing room was filled with our friends and family. Our grandchildren were the only twins born that day.

When we finally got home, my husband went straight to his study to get his cigar humidor to smoke his favorite cigar. He has been wanting to smoke when we rushed to the hospital. Our daughter labored for more than ten hours. The stress really took its toll on my husband. The urge to smoke away his worries was just unbearable. He has always given away cigars whenever a new baby in the family is born. He never fails on this tradition. Whether the baby is a girl or a boy, that's his regular giveaway. I wonder when the next great event will be?

Monday, July 11, 2011

MYM - Hibiscus


Putting Gold In An IRA

If you have invested in gold and you want to diversify your funds, it will be a great idea to open up an IRA gold account.  A lot of investors do this to even out their portfolios in times when prices of stocks drop.  Don't know how to do this?  Look for a bank or a financial company that deals with gold IRA. Once you find a bank or a financial company, make sure you research the company well before making any investments. A stable company will ensure your gold and your funds will grow over the years.  You don't want your precious investment gone when the bank or financial company folds up. 

Once your account is set up and your gold has been deposited, get an accountant to help you in manage and roll over the funds from a 401k gold into your account.  In every investment, whether you invest in gold or other stocks, there  is a risk.  Your account should guide you with every transaction and help you decide on what you want to do with your investment.

Can't Wait for the China Tour

My family will be going on a summer vacation. Two years ago, we went on a European holiday. This year, we are heading East. Asia is a great place to see. We have booked a china tour as well as an Asian cruise. This will be the first time we'll be going to China. We've been to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. In October, I'll going to Singapore to play in a tournament. The kids are already excited. They can't wait to walk the Great Wall and seethe majestic Forbidden City. We'll spend a few days in Shanghai and hopefully try out the rides in Disneyland. This will really be a great summer for all of us.

Choosing Victoria Condos

My sister will be moving to an area closer to her office. After checking out some units of the victoria condos, she decided that it would easier for her. Her travel time will be cut drastically. What usually took her an hour will be reduced to a five minute walk. No need for her to drive to work. This will allow her to save more. No more fuel cost and she can have her lunch at home. She can get home earlier for a much needed rest. Everything is just a stone's throw away. The mall is just a few minutes drive should she need anything. She'll be living closer to us too. She can come and visit us anytime she wants.

Inventory Management System Upgrades

My buddy is upgrading his inventory management system. He'll be using RFIDs to monitor his stocks. Manually checking each and every item is prone to errors. Tags are easier to use. We saw the system being demoed in one of the expos we attended last month. His huge inventory is taking too much time and effort to manage. His stock man had to constantly pull other personnel to help him monitor the inventory. With the new system, a person can do the job alone. Everything is done automatically. Items going out and being brought in are easily recorded and the database updated. Warehouse personnel will each carry a handheld scanner which will read the tags. Work will definitely be more efficient thanks to the new system.

Surprising Flight Deals

Our bowling group will be leaving for Singapore this October to compete in the 23rd Asian Intercity Bowling Tournament.  We are a big group and just like anyone else, we are looking for cheap tickets and accommodations.  I was so lucky to get great flight deals for all of us when a friend recommended this website.  When I told the group about it they were even surprised that it was way cheaper than the best offers we've had from the travel agencies here.  If you're traveling (anywhere in the world),  I suggest you check this out first before making any reservations.  You'll be surprised at how much you can save with these flight deals.

Repair Was Easier with Flat Roofing Langley

Summer's just the perfect time to do home repairs. Our roof needs urgent attention. I've hired a contractor to do the repairs while the weather permits it. He'll be using Flat Roofing Langley. I'm also having the house repainted. The driveway needs repaving as well. All the necessary repairs have to be finished by the end of summer. A day too late could spell disaster. I've asked the contractor to hire additional help. This way, all the repairs could be done at the same time. This will be perfect. My family's going on a vacation and I'm the only one at home. I can monitor the work's progress and it won't be disturbing.

Back From His BC Resorts Trip

My brother and his family had just returned from their 4th of July trip. They stayed in several BC Resorts and had great stories to tell. They also took dozens of photos. I never imagined how beautiful British Columbia is. Thee are so many activities you can enjoy. They went white-water rafting and rode horses on mountain trails. My nephew and niece couldn't stop telling me how much fun they had. This was their first time to ride horses. We all know how city slickers are. The outdoors mesmerize them. They had so much fun and they intend to return there. This time around, they'll go skiing.

She Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery

Women would go far for the sake of beauty.  Money is not usually a problem.  back in college, I have a friend who has been too conscious of her nose.  Although the bridge is a little flat, I don't really see anything wrong with it.  She often said that once she graduates and has a stable job, the first thing she would do is to have a rhinoplasty surgery.  Two years after graduation, she kept her promise.  I have to agree that she became more beautiful after the surgery and it boosted her confidence.  She is now one of the Board of Directors of a leading bank here.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Help For Cracked and Dry Cuticles

Frequent washing can leave your cuticles cracked and dry.  To revive them, mix 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons petroleum jelly and massage the mixture into your cuticles.  Acids from the lemon juice will help dissolve damaged cuticles while the petroleum jelly will act as an emollient to restore lost moisture.  Here's more:  Add 1/2 teaspoon of sunflower oil to the mixture and you'll protect your cracked cuticles against infection.

My Only Way

I'm really glad that in just a couple of weeks, I will be celebrating the first year since I quit smoking.  I am glad that although it was difficult, I was able to make it.  I have to admit that up until this time, I still get the urges, but it's easier to control it now.  Much easier.  The only thing that frustrates me is my weight.  Ever since I stopped smoking, losing weight has become tough.  I'm thinking that diet pills might be the only way. I have been working out since but the weigh remains the same. The only thing I kept thinking about to keep going is that I will get bigger if I stop exercising.  I intend to ask my doc if it's alright for me to take the pills.

The Computer Authority

When hubs heard that he can trade his good old PC for a new one, he immediately checked the website.  In these times that hardware is getting cheap, it's hard to find a brand that you can really trust. What hubs loved about gateway computers is the service.  He was surprised with the generous warranty and replacement policies when he got his new PC.  If all these are true then my family would definitely stick with gateway.  For sure, they won't be offering those just to attract clients, they have a good reputation to take care of.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WW - Afternoon Moon

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cinnamon, Oats and Milk

All the day's work can leave you feeling achy at night.  To ease the aches and pains, try a cinnamon bath.  Here's how to do it.  Blend 2 cups of powdered milk, 1/2 cup of old-fashioned oats and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a food processor until it becomes a fine powder.  Pour 1/4 cup of the mixture into a warm bath, then sit back in the water.

The spice's aroma stimulates mood and memory-boosting brain chemicals.  It also contains anticoagulant properties that help relieve muscle spasms, menstrual cramps and rheumatic pain.  Plus, milk and oats help soothe inflammation while leaving skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

Save the Date!

My daughter and her husband plan to hold their twins' Christening on Christmas.  So as early as next week,  they will be sending save the date cards to friends and family. My siblings and their families are all in the US, the twins' Christening will give them a good reason to come home this year. My mom has already talked to them saying the celebration just wouldn't be the same without them. With the save the date cards, they will have plenty of time to prepare and come home for the event. This is going to be a wonderful Christmas for all of us, I'm sure.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Itchy skin?

Fragrance could be to blame.  That's from researchers who found that product listing "fragrance"  as an ingredient are a top cause of allergic contact dermatitis, which causes swollen, red and itchy skin.  Other sneaky sources are food and dental products.

Spending More Time with Family

Ever since my brother in law started using Audio conference in their office, he is home most of the time.  He used to travel to the different provinces to meet with clients and other staff.  He traveled too often that there were times he only saw his family during weekends.  Her wife is always worried when he travels during a bad weather.  One time he had to stay in Bacolod for more than 5 days because of a typhoon and we didn't know what was happening because even the cell sites were down.  That made us all worried.

With the new Audio conference service in their office, he is able to communicate with their customers easily with his superiors present.  It saves the company a lot of time and a lot of money from travel expenses.  He can also do more things because right after the conference, all he needs to do is process the orders and send the necessary documents.  Before Video conference, he still needed to make a report after each meeting.

Thinks are a lot easier and quicker for him and he loves that he gets to spend quality time with his wife and kids.   They get to eat suppers together and the children are seeing more of him.

Know About Oversized King Quilts

When buying oversized king quilts, do you just go to your nearest store, pick out the designs and colors you want and pay for it?  Or do you do a research on the item first?  While you may find many types of these oversized king quilts in your favorite bed and linen store, it will help a lot to spend some time to know about what you are buying.

Super king quilts are a pricey investment and you naturally want to get your money's worth with them.  The internet provides you with a lot of information and you can easily find everything that you should look for in buying a perfect king quilt.  There, you can learn about the thread counts and the kinds of fill that will give you the most comfort.

Knowing some things about how they were made and what's in them will at least guide you on whether to purchase a king quilt made of soft white goose feather, a 100% poly cluster fiber fill, or a 100% polyester fill.

It is also wiser to invest in at least five sets.  That way you'll be able to rotate them evenly and prevent frequent washing which may damage your sheets.  A good way to keep them clean is to freshen it up is by vacuuming it. Just simply place a used nylon stocking over the end of the hose before you start vacuuming your quilt.  Your oversized king quilts should last many years if you care for them properly.

Football Craze

My son is a football fanatic. He has been collecting all sorts of football stuff for several years now. He has boxes of trading cards and his room's walls are peppered with posters of his favorite NFL players. He also collects football jerseys and action figures of different football stars. Last summer, he enrolled in a football summer training camp to learn the basics of the sport. He is eying to play football for his high school in the future.

Lately, he has been buying football helmets not only of the NFL teams but of NCAA teams as well. These are the full sized ones and occupies too big a space. I had too install new shelves in his room to accommodate them. At the rate he's going, I may have to add more shelves even in our hallway for all of them to fit. I don't want him to lose interest in the sport but I may have to remind him the amount of money he's spending and the space he's collection is just taking up too much space.

The manager of the sports shop he frequents suggested that he collect miniatures instead. Their shop carries the Schutt mini helmets. These are exact replicas of the real thing. The details are just so realistic right down to the face mask and interior pads. We had the chance to see and touch one. I must say, they do look and feel like the real thing. My son was also impressed and bought several right there and then. They also cost far less and he could buy eight mini helmets for the price of a full sized one. Even if he buys all his favorite team's miniature helmets, he would still have tons of space for his other collectibles.
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